Impartiality Policy

SOCOTEC Certification Singapore aims to provide effective, professional, and impartial assessment and certification services that enables each of our clients to add value to their business.  

A core value of SOCOTEC Certification Singapore, is impartiality. It is essential for SOCOTEC Certification Singapore to manage any potential conflict of interest to safeguard the impartiality of its management systems and certification activities. Our decisions are based on objective principles, rather than the basis of bias or prejudgment.

This also protects SOCOTEC Certification Singapore's brand and supports our goal of ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with the rules of accreditation and regulatory bodies.

SOCOTEC Certification Singapore is committed to the highest level of impartiality and confidentiality for all of our activities and dealings with customers and other interested parties. 

To achieve this, SCS will:  

  • Operate a certification scheme in compliance with ISO/IEC 17021 and any further referenced standards/ specifications, 

  • Ensure that all staff, assessors and anyone involved in the implementation of our system have the necessary expertise, experience and competence to carry out their responsibilities and tasks as defined in the system, 

  • Ensure that impartiality is presented at all levels within our system through our identification, review and documentation at all stages, and we analyze, evaluate and respond to all possible conflicts of interest throughout our operations, 

  • Understand client audit requirements and market expectations, 

  • Management and review each audit to ensure all requirements are met,  

  • Ensure all our staff understand our quality policy and objectives. 

We recognize that each and every member of staff of SOCOTEC Certification Singapore Pte Ltd and our sub-contract staff have a part to play in achieving client satisfaction.  

All are responsible for ensuring their contribution is effective and satisfies the person they are assisting.