Corporate Social Responsibility at SOCOTEC Certification International

SOCOTEC Certification Singapore is an entity of SOCOTEC Certification International, an independent subsidiary of the SOCOTEC Group, and is a trusted third party that provides independent advice on all of its audits, assessments and certifications.

SOCOTEC Certification Singapore, a SOCOTEC company

SOCOTEC is a leading testing, inspection, and certification group dedicated to making the world a safer and more sustainable place by putting CSR at the center of its operations and at the heart of its client missions throughout the life cycle of buildings and equipment to strengthen their safety, performance, and compliance.

SOCOTEC Certification Singapore seeks to provide sustainable growth options to customers in Singapore and throughout the world to build a cleaner, more environmentally sustainable, more enduring, and egalitarian community for everyone.

The group is also committed to strong CSR actions in 3 areas

Reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our clients with energy, cultural, and digital transformations to optimize their beneficial environmental impacts.

We work in the fields of youth employment, disadvantaged populations, and the fight against all types of discrimination. Under our code of ethics and whistleblower protocol, everyone is heard and treated equally. In order to treat each person equally and recognize their ability and willingness to interact with us, we feel it is critical to involve the most vulnerable persons.


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