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SS661:2020 Specification for clean and green urban farms

SS 661: Specification for Clean and Green Urban Farms”. The standard, developed by the Singapore Standards Council (SSC) and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), sets guidelines to minimize contaminants in food production and sustainable practices on resource and waste management in urban farms. SS 661 provides measurable clean and green benchmarks on how vegetables are farmed, harvested, packaged, stored, and transported to address consumers’ needs for pesticide-free sustainably grown vegetables.


• Allow modernized farms to differentiate their brand and capture markets locally and internationally

• Encourage more urban farms to produce agri-produces that are clean (pesticide/ herbicides/ antibiotic-free) and green (minimal exploitation of natural resources)

• Strengthen Singapore’s position as a thought leader in urban agriculture/ aquaculture

• Form a foundation for IHLs and TIC companies to build competencies in sustainable urban farming and support the transforming agri-food industry