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SS 632:2017 – Specification for Organic Primary Produce

With the growing consumer demand and awareness in Singapore for organic foods, the Working Group under the purview of the Food Standards Committee, SS 632:2017 was developed with the aim to establish a guidance document to assure consumers for authentic organic claims on primary products including grains, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and mushrooms. SS 632 certification aims to ensure business viability and environmental sustainability for local business and industry practitioners in the organic primary produce sector. With this, it will ensure food resiliency within the supply chain.

SS 632:2017 is applicable to businesses and industry practitioners dealing with organic vegetables, fruits and grains within the farm to fork supply chain. It includes organic farmers, processors, re-packers, logistic providers, distributors, retailers, importers and exporters. 

Benefits of SS 632:2017 Certification

  • Assure the wholesomeness and safeguard the integrity and identity of organic produces
  • Reduce carbon footprint and minimize/ avoid synthetic pollutants, potentially harmful chemicals into the environment by employing long terms sustainable, ecological organic management to encourage soil improvement and fertility
  • Promote national economy and awareness to buy local products
  • Promote Singapore’s food sustainability and resilience within the local food supply chain

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