BS EN 13369:2018 Precast Concrete Products Certification

What is BS EN 13369:2018 Precast Concrete Products?

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) Standards Committee have jointly launched the accreditation programme for the certification of Specialist Builders (Precast Concrete Works) in December 2022. The certification aims to give confidence to the purchaser of precast concrete products that the precast factory or yard complies with the appropriate standards specifications during production of precast concrete products or structures. 

With the introduction of BS EN 13369:2018 Precast Concrete Products certification applicants who wished to apply or renew their Specialist Builder license under precast concrete product fabricator will be required to submit a copy of the Certificate of Conformity issued by an SAC Accredited Certification Body. 

The Specialist Builder shall be assessed and classified into four classes: 
•    PCW1
•    PCW1A
•    PCW2
•    PCW3 

Why get certified with SOCOTEC Certification Singapore?

SOCOTEC Certification Singapore is in the mid of obtaining SAC accreditation for BS EN 13369:2018 Precast Concrete Products, and we have attained SAC accreditation for other construction and related industries schemes. SOCOTEC Certification Singapore is also one of the leading certification body that is able to provide one-stop solution along with other ISO management system.  

Key steps to certification 

Precast Concrete Products Certification Process


Note 1:
 The SB's application will be subjected to an initial review by the CB. This review will be based upon:
a. The written description of the SB's quality system.
b. Such additional evidence as may be required by the Scheme.

Note 1a:
SBs who are unable to undertake a satisfactory assessment of the SB’s production practice because of a lack of a suitable contract, but whose factory QA&QC practice satisfies the Technical Requirements for Certification of Specialist Builders (hereafter called TRCSB) criteria, will be issued with a letter of pre-certification.

Note 1b:
When CB has been notified of a suitable contract, a factory audit will be conducted in accordance with 3.4 (c) of SAC CT29

Note 2:
Full Stage 2 assessment in accordance with the relevant Quality and Operations Assessment Schedule:
• The office activities and controls e.g., calibration, contract review, document control, product requirements and training.
• The key factory activities e.g. material requirements, production requirements, finished product requirements, test methods, assessment, and verification of constancy of performance, marking, and technical documentation.
• Invariably, the factory audit days for each application will depend on the review undertaken at the stage 1 meeting.

Note 3:
SB granted with Certificates of Conformity are required to notify CB half yearly of all newly awarded precast production contracts using the Notification of Contracts form provided by the CB.