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bisSAFE Awards

bizSAFE Awards recognize bizSAFE Enterprises for their commitment and improvements in making workplaces safer, as well as bizSAFE Partners for their contributions to the bizSAFE community. 

What SCS offers the three categories in the bizSAFE Awards 
bizSAFE Partner Award 
The bizSAFE Partner Award recognizes bizSAFE Partners who have been proactive and committed to bringing SMEs onboard the bizSAFE programme by incorporating safety as part of their business model (e.g. having bizSAFE Level 3 as a criterion in procurement contracts). 

bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award
The bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award recognizes bizSAFE Enterprises that are on bizSAFE Level STAR and exudes commendable WSH performance. 
bizSAFE Enterprise Progressive Award
The bizSAFE Enterprise Progressive Award gives recognition to bizSAFE Enterprises for their dedication to the bizSAFE programme by progressing from bizSAFE Level 1 to Level 3 within 6 months and established Risk Management within their organization.