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Why Choose SCS?

Management systems improvement is not just about compliance to relevant standards, but about generating real benefits that add value to the organisation and its business activities.


Developing a partnership SOCOTEC Certification Singapore recognises that:

      • No two organizations are the same
      • The implementation of a management system must reflect the unique requirements and character of each enterprise, and
      • We must tailor our services to meet the specific needs and circumstances of each of our clients

SOCOTEC Certification Singapore works with its clients to build a partnership of value-added services that are dedicated to the development of effective company-wide processes and the continual improvement of its management system(s). SOCOTEC Certification Singapore commands a network of experienced professional assessors who have the capability and expertise to benefits the smallest of organizations as well as large corporations. 


Our assessors are carefully selected from those with the required mix of industry knowledge, local culture business awareness and practical experience. They have the necessary skills to operate at all levels in an organization and will have demonstrated technical competence in an organization’s business sector. SOCOTEC Certification Singapore continues to review and develop auditing techniques to equip them with the necessary skills for value-added auditing. This process ensures that SOCOTEC Certification Singapore clients are in a strong position to develop and implement effective solutions to achieve real business benefits. 

Core Value


Speak slowly and clearly in a pleasant tone. Give time to listen regarding other party's views and opinions.

Initiative and resourcefulness
Constantly review of work processes for improvement.

Sensitive and Sincerity
Alert to situations and response in an appropriate manner especially information related to our clients and financial situations. Genuine in our effort to serve, from the heart!

Complete assigned jobs timely and accurately. Plan, organize, prioritize, execute and improve.

Dress smartly, Friday dress down if needed. Auditor must put on ties during audit unless working conditions is not favorable. Sales and Marketing staff must be pleasing to the eyes.

Needs of customers. Don't assume, ask and be proactive. Humble, meek, apologetically and firm.

Systems Concept
Treat all company activities as work processes especially processes that interface with customers. Everybody is both an internal supplier and customer.