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SS 651:2019 Safety & Health Management System Transition Program

We would like to inform that the Chemical Standards Committee (CSC) under the purview of the Singapore Standards Council has officially published Safety & Health Management System for the Chemical Industry – Requirements with guidance for use (SS 651:2019) on 22 January 2020. The transition period is two (2) years from 22 January 2020 till 31 December 2021. Therefore, SS 506:Part 3:2013 Occupational Safety & Health Management Systems – Part 3: Requirements for the chemical industry shall cease by 01 January 2022. 

The certificate expiry for SS 506:Part 3:2013 issued during the transition period shall correspond to the end of the transition deadline – 31 December 2021. The transition to SS 651:2019 could take place during the initial (new), surveillance, recertification or non-routine audits. Therefore, it is advisable for you to make the necessary preparation to transit to SS 651:2019 as soon as possible, and to coincide with your upcoming surveillance or recertification audit.

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Kindly note from 01 April 2020, Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) has stated that all initial audits are to be carried out against SS 651:2019.

 For your information, the changes to SS 651:2019 includes the following:

· Clause 3 – definitions from SS 506 Part 3 added to the list of definitions from ISO 45001
· All “occupational safety and health” changed to “safety and health”

With regards to SS 651:2019 transition, SCS is pleased to offer the following services:

1.  SS 651:2019 Gap Analysis
2.  SS 651:2019 Awareness & Internal Auditor Course
3.  SS 651:2019 Certification Audit

Lastly, we hereby enclosed the training calendar for your kind perusal. For more information on the transition process, please contact our Sales Department via phone at 6299 9001 ext 1 or via email at