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CSA SG Cyber Safe Trustmark & Essentials Mark

Since COVID-19 pandemic, business dynamics have changed, and more businesses go digital and there is growing concern for enterprises to raise their cybersecurity posture. With this, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) have launched a program titled Cyber Essentials mark and Cyber Trustmark Certification.

Cyber Essentials mark is a cybersecurity certification for organisations that are embarking on their cybersecurity journey. It serves to recognize that the organization has put in place good cyber hygiene practices to protect their operations and their customers against common cyber attacks. The Cyber Essentials mark is targeted at organisations with limited IT and/or cybersecurity expertise and resources to dedicate towards protecting IT assets and personnel.

Meanwhile, Cyber Trustmark is a cybersecurity certification for organisations with more extensive digitalized business operations. It serves as a mark of distinction for the organization to prove that they have put in place good cybersecurity practices with their cybersecurity risk profile. It is targeted at larger or more digitalized organisations that have gone beyond cyber hygiene

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For more information on Cyber Essentials Mark & Cyber Trustmark, please refer to the following brochure.

Benefits of cyber hygiene:

1.     Locate unmanaged assets

        • With good cyber hygiene practices, it allows organizations to maintain an up-to-date asset inventory, identify vulnerabilities associated with any particular asset, and quickly resolve security gaps

2.     Protect consumer data
        • Cyber hygiene supports a range of proven security practices that improve data protection
3.     Identify rogue software
        • Helps IT administrators gain visibility into all software installed and used on their network so it can be managed or removed
4.     Meet compliance requirements
        • with identification and prioritization of security risks, IT teams can easily track and report the organization’s security status and ensures that it’s always aligned with regulatory and compliance requirements

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