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SS ISO 22301:2012 - Business Continuity Management System

The National Business Continuity Management (BCM) Programme has published in November 2008 and effectively implemented on 1 December 2008 the BCM management standard SS 540:2008. It is a holistic management approach of identifying potential incidents that threaten an organisation and to build resilience and capability to safeguard the interest of key stakeholders.

Benefits of BCM

. Ensures continuous operation of key business functions during disaster
. Protects and preserves the interests of its stakeholders
. Reduces financial impacts and liability actions
. To be acknowledged as a reputable business partner and gains consumer confidence

Our SAC Accreditation

SCS (P.KA. CIS) is the 1st certification body accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council to BCM SS 540:2008.


Business Continuity Programme

The programme aims to ensure all activities conducted and implemented by the organisation are in line with its business continuity policy objectives through the following BCM practices:


SPRING Singapore assigned $30 million to assist local companies up to 70 per cent of cost incurred in obtaining BCM. 

Retrieved from BCM Organisation website, with effect from 1st April 2012, the coverage for BCM funding is as shown in the table below.

Supportable Cost Component


Support Level 


 1 project leader and 2 project members*

 *SMEs: Support up to 70% of qualifying costs

Non-SMEs: Support up to 30% of qualifying costs

 BCM Training Courses


 Equipment / Software

 Only BCM related items 

 Professional Services / Consultancy


 Certification Fees

 1st certification only
(SAC accredited certificate)

Both *SMEs and Non-SMEs should have at least 30% local shareholding. For companies having less than 30% local shareholding, kindly contact SBF.

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