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SS 577:2012/ ISO 46001:2019 – Water Efficiency Management Systems

The national standard – SS 577:2012 Water Efficiency Management Systems for non-domestic users was launched on 22 March 2013 which focuses on reducing waste, better manage and improve their efficiency in water consumption, but not restricting use.    

Implementing the system enables organizations to assess their water usage, and to identify, plan and implement measures to achieve water savings through systematic management of water. 

The Water Efficiency Management Plan will allow the customers to:

          • Find out the breakdown of the current water usage in their premises and/ or in different parts of the manufacturing processes and develop a Water Balance Chart; 
          • Compute plant and process Recycling Rates; 
          • Identify water saving measures that can be readily applied in their management systems and processes; 
          • Establish an action plan which identifies measures in water savings, priorities and implementation timelines. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has officially published ISO 46001:2019 Water Efficiency Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use on 30 July 2019. Likewise, SS 577, ISO 46001 aims to help organizations of all sizes and status to be more water efficient.

ISO 46001 provides a clear framework and guidance on water efficiency management. It provides the methods and tools for assessing and accounting for water usage as well as to identify and implement measures to optimize water use.

The transition period for ISO 46001:2019 is three (3) years from 30 July 2019 until 29 July 2022. The transition to ISO 46001:2019 could take place during initial (new), surveillance, re-certification or non-routine audits. The transition period shall cease on 29 July 2022. Thus, by 30 July 2022, only ISO 46001:2019 standard will be valid. Therefore, the certification validity to SS 577:2012 issued during the transition period shall correspond to the end of the transition period dated 29 July 2022 or earlier.

To assist our esteemed clients with ISO 46001 transition, SCS is conducting regular public training on awareness and internal audit for ISO 46001:2019. For more details, please contact our Training Department via phone at 6299 9001 or via email at